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Well greetings from Guatemala. We have been doing a lot of water ministry lately and Obed has been putting in lots of stoves.  All for the Glory of God.

We are all very much aware of the water shortage and drought in Texas and Southern USA. So people are trying to be a little more conservative. Thats great and we all should be, however you don’t realize the need to be conservative with something until its harder to get or even unable to get it at all. That is the case here with pure water.

The water ministry has been keeping us busy this month. We finished installing the 2 pumps and 4 pressure tanks for the new orphanage in Sumpango, Guatemala. We will still be putting in 2 UV water purification systems. This is going to be a very nice orphanage when it is finished.


We also took a trip back to Retalhuleu, Guatemala and installed a float switch and changed the filters on the UV system for the school there at DAR. The float switch makes the whole system more automated. DSCN1054

We went to the home of Kirk and Michelle Lightfield installed a sub-pump, that will be be used as emergency water supply back up. Kirk and Michelle are missionaries who are working for Grace ministries in El Tejar.

We have had some people coming to do ministry Mid April. It is two ladies from Alabama, Rachel Styron and Melissa Cooley. They have helped build a house, helped at two feeding centers, install some stoves, water filter buckets and have shared the love of Jesus with so many here. We are happy to have them here and helping with God’s work.  Thank you girls for coming to help with the ministry.


For the prayer request for this month, we ask you to please pray for our upcoming trip to church builders, please pray for teams coming in June, July, and August. Pray for wisdom regarding the purchase of land to build a storage warehouse. 



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