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Greetings from Guatemala, Well we have had a great month. We had visitors from Texas, My parents Harold and Zola Kornegay came and spent a week here with us. They had a nice time while here, we went and visited Gerizim Christian Colegio, they got to visit with the child they sponsor, then we went to Charlie and Pat’s house. The next day we went to Casa Shalom orphanage, they played with the baby’s. Then we took them shopping in Antigua. And the last day of their visit we went to a feeding Center here run by Mike and Kambria Robertson. It was so nice having them here, Thanks Mom and Dad.

At Casa Shalom they have had water problems for a long time, first the water supply was unreliable, we think we have that fixed with the installation of a new sub pump in the well. Then the water from the city and the well water are unsanitary, so to solve this problem, with the help of Rich Pogin we bought and installed an ultraviolet light water purification system that will purify all the water at Shalom. I feel like this is one of the greatest needs in this country and one of the main reasons why God has us here, to help with water needs. God is opening doors to let that happen, Thank you Lord.

When Paula McWilliams was here she left us the money to get water bottles for Rio Bravo area. we now have a water purification system in place there, but the people did not have a very good way to take the water to their house. Now they do. I took the bottles to them with water already in them. Dropped them off at the church, and now after they use that water they can just come back to the church and refill that same bottle. Thank you Paula.

And now the wonderful news that we have been praying and waiting for. We got our drilling rig here for drilling water wells. It was purchased back in January, delivered to Connecticut, put in a container, taken to the port and put on a ship, came to the port here in Guatemala, sat there for a while, finally cleared customs, came to us here, on a truck. Then in the process of trying to unload it, one of the ramps that I built broke, it almost fell on one of the men helping us. I want to formally apologize to everyone involved. Praise God no body was hurt, just shook up for a while. I am still kinda shook up. Well, all in all it will be worth it when we will be able to give water to places that don’t have it. Thank you Kirk and Michelle Lightfield for helping us to get it here.

We are happy to let you all know that Georgette’s sister and her husband are coming to visit the 21st of this month, Dennis and Anita Williamson. We are very happy to have them come and stay for a while. We will post photos in the next months newsletter.

And now for the prayer request for this month, Please pray for the work that we have to do with the drilling rig, knowledge on how to use it and locations where needed most. Pray for the people coming to visit and for flight safety. Please pray for continued safety for us here. Pray for the students in Georgette’s english class.

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